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The Rocket League community keeps track of many different types of World Records: the most flip resets, the longest air dribble, the fastest pinch, or the longest game. This is not that type of video. Today I will cover 7 rare Rocket League player achievements that aren't on any list. Stories that you probably haven't heard of and accomplishments that will likely never be repeated. These weird Rocket League achievements might not impress you, but it should at least be an interesting look some special players that experience this game in very unique ways.

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0:00 Intro
1:20 The First Supersonic Legend
2:40 Hacking the Leaderboards
4:21 Most High Fives in Rocket League
5:19 The Weird Collector
6:08 The Story of Cinderblock
7:01 The King of Demolitions
8:00 Rarest Achievement in Rocket League

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